Leveling a Storage Container

From site preparation to leveling a storage container, you can rely on Seacans by Bomont for all. Leveling a container implies placing a dolly pad under each corner. We can also construct a dolly pad, cut a shim, and do preparation to level your container.

Site Considerations

Site Considerations

  • Is there enough room to place the container (ie; 14’ x 26’ or 14’ x 46’)?
  • Is there enough room for the delivery truck and/or trailer (ie; 50’ or 70’?)?
  • Are there any other hazards for the delivery truck and/or trailer?
  • Is the site reasonably level?
  • Is there sufficient provision for water runoff to prevent pooling under the container?
  • Are there any nearby obstacles overhead or otherwise that may inhibit the safe placing and use of the container?
  • Where do you want to access the doors on the tail end of your container?
Site Preparation

Site Preparation

  • Clear debris, stumps, and vegetation
  • (Footprint plus minimum 3’ perimeter recommended)
  • Containers are designed to bear their weight on the reinforced corner posts
  • Remove topsoil corresponding to where the four corners will sit
  • (Leaving 4 level areas of hard clay, approximately 3’ in diameter each)
Receiving Your Container

Receiving Your Container

  • Unless there is a reason, your container will normally be delivered on tilt deck equipment so that it can be grounded
  • Alternately a crane or lift truck can be hired if space is tight or the delivery distance is sufficiently long mitigating the cost of a tilt deck delivery
  • At your discretion, the container will be loaded “doors to cab” or “doors to tail” depending on how you want the container oriented on your site
  • Have your dolly pads and shims ready to place under the corners
Preparing To Level Your Container

Preparing To Level Your Container

  • Purchase or make four “dolly pads” of sufficient size to spread the weight of the container and act as a base for shims during the leveling process
  • Purchase or make a number of “shims” to level the corners
  • Obtain the use of a “jack-all” (or crane) to provide the lift necessary to level your container
Leveling Your Container

Leveling Your Container

  • Place a dolly pad under each corner
  • First, using the jack-all and shims, lift and place shims sufficient to level the nose
  • Second, using the jack-all and shims, lift and place shims sufficient to level the tail
  • Be aware that the doors will not operate properly if the container is not level and the door jamb is allowed to go out of square
  • HINT; if you wish to store wheeled vehicles or equipment, that may not have a reverse gear, it can be advantageous to have the container slope from nose to tail (ie; 2" - 4”) to facilitate easier unload
Caring For Your Container

Caring For Your Container

  • Oil the hinges and latching mechanisms regularly
  • Paint the container, with rust paint, to keep rust at bay and the container attractive. (Brush & roller or spraying is recommended, subject to overspray caution in windy conditions)
  • At your discretion, most containers have provisions for venting requiring a small plate to be cut out

Constructing a Dolly Pad

Dolly Pad
  • Purchase sufficient 2” x 6” nominal pressure treated material to cut 9 pieces of 16 ½” stock per dolly pad
  • Cut and place your stock in perpendicular layers, nailing and gluing into 3 layer pads

Cutting a Shim

  • Purchase sufficient 2” x 6” nominal pressure treated material to cut enough pieces of 16 ½” stock to shim the corners of your container
  • Cut and place your shims on top of the dolly pads, perpendicular to the top layer of pad boards, to level your container

What is a Jack-All?


Plastic Dolly Pad

plastic dolly pad
  • Robust structural plastic pad with breaking strength tested at 400 kN (89,924 lb)
  • 40 cm wide X 40 cm long X 5 cm high (15 ¾” X 15 ¾” X 2”) & 7.4 kg (16 ⅓ lbs) each
  • Primarily used for dollying down highway trailers and levelling containers

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